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What is the best kind of TV to buy now in 2023?

The best kind of TV to buy now in 2019 is a 4K OLED TV. The main selling point of the OLED TV is its contrast ratio which is very high approaching infinity. But you will not be disappointed with a high-end 4K Ultra HD TV which will have an equally good picture quality at much lower prices.

TV image quality depends on many factors like Resolution, Contrast ratio, Scanning rates, etc. But there is a limit to the human eyes that reaches a saturation point, beyond which, any increase in the quality of a TV image makes no difference to the perception of the image quality by humans. So it may not always be that the most expensive TVs are the best and that they will give much better picture quality. If measured with sophisticated instruments, the higher priced TV will show a much better picture quality, but for humans, the picture quality will be the same.

Guide to buy new TV, How to select a TV to buy

This site has many TV buy tips and explains in detail about the necessary things to know about TVs like the most important specifications and features that what makes a TV good. We aim to make it easy for anyone to understand TV Specifications, especially about the most important things to look for when buying a new TV.

There are many pages with essential information about TVs, like what are the most critical TV specs to consider when buying a new TV and also about the most useful TV features to have. We also have dedicated pages about all the top TV brands available now, which makes it easy to compare TV Brands and decide on what is a good TV brand to buy. There are also pages on what is the ideal size of a TV to buy and how big a TV should be for the size of a room, etc.

OLED vs 4K Ultra HD TV

One of the most common questions asked is "which is better OLED or 4K Ultra HD TV?". OLED TVs are for sure better, but now OLED TVs are so much more expensive than the best super 4K UHD TVs, that it is wiser to wait to buy OLED TVs till they get cheaper in about 3 to 5 years.

What makes a TV good for watching TV, Netflix, etc.?

When buying a new TV, it is essential that you consider purchasing new TVs based on how you will be watching TV most of the time. If you are buying the TV mainly to watch TV programs and Netflix or other streaming media, then you need a good smart TV without worrying about the refresh rates of the TV. TV stations, Netflix, etc. transmit their programs at a refresh rate of 60 cycles per second (Hz), and there will not be much improvement in having a higher refresh rate TV.

But for gaming, a high refresh rate of 120Hz or more, depending on the source, will have much smoother movements of objects on the screen. So if you will be doing a lot of gaming, then you need a TV with high refresh rates. We will be covering the most important specifications of TVs and how they affect the performance of a TV.

How to research buying a TV

The first step to buy a new TV is to first do an online search for the different TVs available and their price range on leading online retailers like Amazon. Then select a few TV model numbers and search for those model numbers on the internet and you will get many opinions on the TV model, especially on some good TV review forums. Only after you have done your research on TVs online, go out shopping for a TV.

Tricks of TV showroom Sales-persons

Many people do not do online research about TV before they go out to the showrooms to buy a TV. Instead, they ask the salesmen in the shops about their opinion of which TV is best.

It is but natural for the salesman to look after their own benefit first and will recommend the TV on which they get the maximum commission. They get higher commissions on some TV models which are hard to sell, and of course, they will use their skills to convince you that this hard to sell TV is the best TV.

One of the usual tricks of TV sale persons is to show high-quality video on the TVs they get maximum commission and showing not so good quality recorded video on the excellent TVs he receives the least commission. Another trick they resort to is to deliberately change the settings and calibration on the good TVs to show bad quality pictures to trick you into not buying the top TVs on which he gets the least commission. So do not fall for this, do your research by googling about TVs and by asking your knowledgeable friends.

We do not promote any brand

We do not promote any brand, our aim is to give you unbiased info and serve as a guide to buy a good new TV. Once you go through our pages, you will be able to compare the different types of new TVs and will have no problems in deciding on what is the best kind of new TV for you: LED, OLED, HD or Ultra HD TV.

Television history, facts, timeline

Below is a list of the most important dates in the history of TV sets

1900: The word "Television" first used. It was coined by Mr. Constantin Perskyi at the First International Electricity Congress in Paris.
1929: The Baird Television Development Company begins experimental broadcasting in association with the BBC in England.
1930: First ever TV show seen on July 14, 1930 at the British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald's official residence at 10 Downing Street, London. The Baird Television Development Company was responsible for this transmission.
1932: The British Broadcasting Corp. BBC starts a regular public television broadcasting service in the UK.
1936: The first Olympic Games to be broadcast on TV: 1936 Summer Olympics held in Berlin, Germany. Hitler was the Chancellor of Germany and Jesse Owens won gold in the 100 meters and long jump events.
1954: The first national color TV broadcast of the world in USA on January 1, 1954
1988: First commercially available Flat Screen TV, a 14 inch color LCD television from Sharp Corporation of Japan

Buying TV online

These days buying a TV on line makes more sense, because of the many advantages. You get to buy the TV without much hassle online and the courier Company delivers to your door. If you want installation, it can usually be ordered online at the time of purchase, most of the time included in the price or there may be a very small extra charge. The price of TVs online from Amazon will be cheaper than what is available in your local stores. Service and Warranty are as good as or even better than if you bought it at a local store. The best part is that in case you are not satisfied with the TV, you can return it and get full refund and Amazon will arrange for the courier to pick up the returned item from you.

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