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Which is better QLED or OLED TV

QLED TVs are a new breed of LED TVs being promoted by Samsung. The 'Q' in the QLED TV stands for Quantum. Basically, QLED is an LED TV with the addition of a Quantum Dots (QD) filtering screen between the LED backlights and the LCD screen of an LED TV. The Quantum Dots (QD) filtering screen uses Photo-emissive quantum dot nanocrystal particles which can convert the LED backlight light waves to pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light. This enables the TV screen display to be brighter and with purer colours and at the same time reducing interference between the light waves which reduces light losses

Unlike the QLED TV the OLED TVs have no backlights. OLED TVs have Emissive Display Technology, that is the pixels in an OLED TV are self-illuminating and generate their own light when an electric charge is applied.

Since OLED TVs have no backlights and since each pixel is self-lighting when one pixel is 'on' and the neighbouring pixel is 'off', no light from the 'on' pixel gets into or bleeds into the neighbouring 'off' pixel. So the 'on' pixel can be bright white colour while the neighbouring 'off' pixel will be pitch dark or pure black. This leads to OLED TVs having near perfect blacks with very high contrast ratios.

QLED TVs require a backlight to produce a picture on the screen. Since the backlight is on all the time, even those pixels which are in the 'off' state has bright lights behind them. This causes light to bleed into the 'off' pixels, and therefore QLED TV cannot produce the perfect blacks like an OLED TV. Thus the contrast ratio of QLED TVs can never match that of an OLED TV.

QLED TVs have several tricks up their sleeves to reduce this light bleeding and improve contrast ratios. Tricks like local dimming and others, but still QLED TVs have not caught up with OLED TVs.

One area where the QLED TV outsmarts the OLED TV is in the brightness and saturated colours. The picture on an OLED TV becomes washed out in brightly lit rooms because OLED TVs are not very bright. QLED TVs look perfect even in bright rooms because QLED TVs can be very bright with very good HDR colours. The high brightness and super colours of QLED TVs make up for whatever loss of contrast ratio it suffers vis-a-vis the OLED TV.

Buying TV online

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