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2015 Sony HD TV Model Numbers, Old Sony TV Model numbers with specs and features

Examples of 2014/2015 Sony HD TV Model Numbers are: KDL65W950B, KDL60W850B, KDL32R420B and so on. Let us take the first model KDL65W950B as an example. We have broken down this example Sony TV model into a table with a numerical position to the order that each of the letter or number in the Sony model appears. So the first letter 'K' in the example will be under '1' and the second letter 'D' will be under '2' and so on. This is to make it easy to explain what each letter or number in the Sony TV Model number represents.


In the above table the first 3 letters "KDL" in the Sony TV model number is common for all Sony High Definition LED TVs. The next two numbers are obvious, it refers to the diagonal screen measurement of the TV Model in inches. For Sony 2015 TV Model Numbers, the final letters and numbers in the Sony model numbers mean the following:

The letter 'W' in the model number represents a premium model while the letter ‘R’ in the model number represents a middle range Sony TV model. After this 'W' or' R' initials, the next three numbers represents the TV model series. The series starting with the number '9' represent the best and the letter '3' representing Sony's lowest model range. The last letter B in this instance, refers to the Geographical region for which the TV is made. We summarise the 2015 Sony HDTV lineup as follows:

New Sony TV model numbers 2015

We have a table below of the latest 2015 TV models from Sony

2015 Sony TV model numbers
Sony ModelSizeResolutionPrice
XBR-75X940C75"UHD 4K$7,999
XBR-65X930C65"UHD 4K$4,499
XBR-75X910C75"UHD 4K$5,499
XBR-65X900C65"UHD 4K$3,999
XBR-55X900C55"UHD 4K$2,499
XBR-75X850C75"UHD 4K$4,999
XBR-65X850C65"UHD 4K$3,499
Latest Sony TV model numbers
Sony ModelSizeResolutionPrice
XBR-55X850C55"UHD 4K$2,199
XBR-49X830C49"UHD 4K$1,599
XBR-43X830C43"UHD 4K$1,299
KDL-75W850C75"Full HD$2,999
KDL-65W850C65"Full HD$1,899
KDL-55W800C55"Full HD$1,299
KDL-50W800C50"Full HD$999

2015 New Sony TV Series

These are the Sony TV series under which their TVs fall under

4K Ultra HD 4K TV, Available in 65" 85"
Starting Price $5,499.99
X940C / X930C SERIES
4K Ultra HD Android TV, Available in 65" 75"
Starting Price $3,799.99
4K Ultra HD Android TV, Available in 55" 65" 75"
Starting Price $2,499.99
4K Ultra HD Android TV, Available in 55" 65" 75"
Starting Price $1,499.99
4K Ultra HD Android TV, Available in 43" 49"
Starting Price $799.99
4K Android TV, Available in 55" 65"
Starting Price $----

W850C / W800C SERIES
Full HD Android TV, Available in 50" 55" 65" 75"
Starting Price $699.99
Full HD LED TV, Available in 40" 48"
Starting Price $449.99
Full HD TV, Available in 60" 70"
Starting Price $1,099.99
Full HD TV, Available in 50" 55"
Starting Price $549.99
Full HD TV, Available in 40" 48" 60"
Starting Price $479.99
4K UHD TV, Available in 55" 65"
Starting Price $1,099.99

Unique Sony Bravia Features

We give below some of the more advanced features of Sony TVs

Sony Triluminos Display meaning

Triluminos Display technology expands the range of colors on displays to show a wider range of colors resulting in more vivid reds and natural-looking greens and blues than on conventional, white LED monitors. When the reputed Massachussets Institute of Technology's MIT Technology Reviewed the Sony Triluminos display, they said that "it gives a color gamut that is 50 percent larger than that of a conventional LCD panel". Triluminous technology uses 'quantum dots', which are light-emitting nanoparticles, to enhance the colour of TV displays. A normal LED TV uses a whilte LED backlight which passes through the LCD display through red, blue, and green Liquid Crystals to form the color that the viewer sees. The ordinary LCD does not have the capability to give the superior colors and contrast that is possible with the precise natural colors that is possible with the nano-particles in 'quantum dots'. In Triluminos Display instead of the white backlight there are blue LED emiting a strong blue light that causes the quantum dots to produce natural green and red colors which are combined to form rich colors on the screen.

What is Sony OptiContrast TV Panel

OptiContrast Panels have a special coating which absorbs any diffused stray light from the backlight of an LED TV. The special coating inside OptiContrast Panels also absorbs ambient light in the room and reduces glare and reflections on the screen. This enhances the contrast of the picture on the TV considerably and the pictures on the TV look more real with darker darks and brighter whites. Thus the viewing experience is enhanced.

Sony TV X-Reality PRO Picture Engine

Sony describes its X-Reality PRO Picture Engine as follows. "The X-Reality PRO Picture Engine brings images to life with enhanced 4K detail, color and contrast. Discover the stunning difference it can make. When viewing low-resolution movie clips, the X-Reality Picture Engine restores missing detail to deliver beautiful high-resolution results. X-Reality’s Super Resolution technology also makes images look more realistic whether you're capturing faces, flowers or landscapes."

Sony Intelligent Peak LED

BRAVIA’s unique ‘Intelligent Peak LED’ feature gives you deepest black and flawless white. The multi-segmented arrangement in BRAVIA’s LED backlight which presumably has the 'Local Dimming' capabilities, gives finest colour contrast.

Sony X-Reality Picture Engine

Sony’s advanced image processing engine analyses each scene to give optimum colour and contrast. With Sony’s X-Reality Engine all TV images are analysed and selectively processed to give clean, clear, and lifelike pictures. While 3 unique noise reduction features work their magic prior to upscaling, Sony’s Intelligent Image Enhancer divides the signal into four characteristics – texture, outline, contrast, and colour – and optimises each one individually for more vivid and distinct pictures.

Sony BRAVIA Engine 3

BRAVIA Engine 3 is a high definition video processor which reproduces pictures with higher contrast, superior colours, and clarity. These high quality images are obtained regardless of whether the source is in SD (Standard Definition) or HD (High Definition).

Sony Motionflow XR 800

Motionflow XR 800 makes TV picture more smoother & sharper. This includes 4-times speed play which inserts 3 additional frames between the images, making the video play more distinctive.

Sony Edge LED

Using Edge LED backlight technology results in a much thinner and lighter BRAVIA when compared to conventional direct-type backlight system televisions.

Sony Motionflow 200Hz

Motionflow 200Hz is the world’s first quadruple speed 200Hz frame rate conversion that helps to improve the clarity of fast-moving objects on screen. It creates three new intermediate images based on the incoming signal and inserts them between the original pictures and thus images are displayed at a rate of 200 fps. As a result, Motionflow 200Hz offers sharp and smooth reproduction of fast-moving images especially when you’re watching sports programmes.

Sony BRAVIA Internet Video

With BRAVIA Internet Video, your television is now a true all-in-one entertainment centre that allows you to access your favorite video websites straight on your BRAVIA. Get quick access to Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and many more sites that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Sony Intelligent Picture

BRAVIA's Series is equipped with Intelligent Picture that automatically boosts weak analogue broadcast signals (RF) and reduces the noise of these signals to produce vibrant and noise-free pictures. Enjoy images of the highest clarity on BRAVIA’s Series every single time.

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