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Most important specs of a new TV

We explain about the most important specs of a new TV which are the very basics of buying a new flat screen TV. The important basic TV specs are divided and listed into 2 main categories below.

Basic new TV specifications explained

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How to measure TV size

TV screen size is the most important TV spec that matters to most. The size of a TV is the measurement of the TV screen size diagonally from top corner to bottom corner on the other side- for example from top left corner to bottom right corner in inches in USA and UK and in centimeters or cms in most other countries. Only the visible screen area is measured when measuring the size of a TV, the side frames are excluded. ...More from our dedicated page on How to measure TV size

How good are Curved TVs

The latest trends in TV sets is to have Curved TVs. Manufacturers of Curved TV claim many benefits with curved TV but most reviews about curved TV are not very positive. We examine in detail the advantages and disadvantages of curved TV.....More from our dedicated page on Curved TV

Size of TV and viewing distance

Before buying a TV it is good to know the recommended viewing distance for the TV size. This is the distance from the TV screen to the position of your eyes when viewing the TV regularly. TV size and viewing distances are important factors to decide on the size of TV to buy.....More from our dedicated page on TV Viewing distance

TV viewing angle explained

TV Viewing Angle explained as how far to the left or right you can sit in front of the TV. The maximum viewing angle vary for different types of TV, so this is a factor which should be taken into consideration when buying a widescreen TV...... ....More from our dedicated page on TV Viewing Angle

Height of TV on wall or stand

The height of the TV mounting vs your sitting position plays an important role in comfortable viewing of TV.... ....More from our dedicated page on Best Height for TV

Aspect Ratio of TV Screen

This is the ratio between the width and height of the visible TV screen. HD TV has an aspect ratio of 16:9, old CRT TV had an Aspect Ratio of 4:3. Many countries still transmit TV signals in the 4:3 format. When you view a normal 4:3 format movie in 16:9 format, the picture stretches sideways, making people and objects look fatter............More from our dedicated page on TV Aspect Ratio

Power consumption of a TV

A common question in most peoples mind is "How much electricity does a TV use". Now it is mandatory as per US federal government rules to have a Energy Guide Label on every TV sold in the USA...........More from our dedicated page on TV Electricity usage

TV input and output Connections

Once you bring your TV home, it has to be connected to your video source. This can be a difficult task for someone with no idea of the different TV inputs and outputs and cables.........More from our dedicated page on TV connections

What is TV resolution, What is HD TV

The picture on a TV is made up of thousands of tiny dots known as Pixels the short form of ‘Picture Elements. The more the number of pixels to make a TV picture the sharper it becomes. HD TV means High Definition TV usually called HDTV for short. In HDTV the TV pixels are barely visible because the pixels are packed together very closely........More from our dedicated page on TV Resolution

Frame Rate of TV, Electron Scanning TV frames

How is the picture formed on the TV screen? In a very simplified way, we can explain how a picture is formed on a TV by imagining that the TV picture is formed by an electronic beam brush moving from side to side and going down a little each time it makes a pass. The electron beam paints the picture on the TV in a fraction of a second. Our dedicated page explains all this with pictures........More from our dedicated page on TV Frame Rate

Telecine Pulldown

Movie Films are recorded at a frame rate of 24 frames per second. Television on the other hand is transmitted at 30 or 25 full frames per second. The technique conversion from 24 frames of the original cinema to 30 frames for NTSC TV transmission is called Telecine Pulldown............More from our dedicated page on TV Telecine Pulldown

What is TV Refresh Rate - What is Hz on TV Specs like 60 Hz 120 Hz

Refresh rate is how many times per second the image changes on the screen. Higher refresh rate helps in reducing the motion blur on fast moving scenes, like the football looks blurred on the TV when it is moving fast...........More from our dedicated page on TV Refresh Rate

What is TV Contrast Ratio, Contrast Ratio vs Dynamic Contrast Ratio

TV Contrast ratio explained as the ratio of the screen's maximum brightness in the whitest area to the brightness in the darkest area or blacks on the screen. A TV picture with higher contrast ratio is better...........More from our dedicated page on TV Contrast Ratio

Buying TV online

These days buying a TV on line makes more sense, because of the many advantages. You get to buy the TV without much hassle online and the courier Company delivers to your door. If you want installation, it can usually be ordered online at the time of purchase, most of the time included in the price or there may be a very small extra charge. The price of TVs online from Amazon will be cheaper than what is available in your local stores. Service and Warranty are as good as or even better than if you bought it at a local store. The best part is that in case you are not satisfied with the TV, you can return it and get full refund and Amazon will arrange for the courier to pick up the returned item from you.

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