Sharp TV Model Numbers explained

Sharp TVs, better known by their brand names AQUOS and QUATTRON, are made by Sharp Corporation, a Japanese multinational company, with their corporate headquarters in Osaka, Japan. Sharp is a 100 year old company and employs about 60,000 people worldwide. Sharp Inc. holds the fifth rank of the list of the largest TV manufacturers in the world, after Samsung, LG, Sony, and Panasonic.

Are Sharp TVs Good

Sharp TVs are made by Sharp corporation which has a long history of many innovations as detailed below, and hence are really good TVs

Sharp has many distinctive inventions to its credit:
★ Sharp invented and made the world's first electronic calculator in 1964.
★ By 1969 Sharp made the world’s first electronic calculators small enough to be put in a coat pocket.
★ Sharp invented the Camera Phone by fitting a camera on a phone in 1997
★ Sharp is credited with the production of the first LCD flat screen TVs.
★ World's first THX certified 4k ultra HD TV
★ Till recently Sharp held the record for the largest size production LCD/LED flat screen panels.

Some Aquos LCD TVs, called 'Quattron' has a fourth color Yellow pixel, in addition to the normal RGB color pixels. This enables Quattron to display pictures with much more clarity and more colrfully

Latest SHARP TV Model Numbers

The latest SHARP Aquos TV Model Numbers are as follows

Sharp Aquos UD1 4K Series : These are the World's first THX certified 4k ultra HD TV and starts at 70 inch size and comes fitted with all the top end features available of flat screen TVs like WiFi, 4 HDMI connection, smart TV, etc.

Sharp Aquos LE857 Series: Sharp TV Models LC-80LE857U, Sharp LC-70LE857U, Sharp LC-60LE857U where the LC stands for LCD panel TV, the next two digits represents the diagonal TV screen size - 80", 70" and 60". The next two letters 'LE' denoting that it is an LED back lit LCD TV. The next three digits represent the series with 857 being from the high end 8 series with Quattron 4 full HD color panel, 240Hz refresh rate, dual core processor for Smart TV features with built in WiFi, 3D, etc.

Sharp Aquos LE757 and LE550 Series

Sharp Aquos LE757 Series: Models Sharp LC-80LE757U, Sharp LC-70LE757U, Sharp LC-60LE757U in sizes of 80", 70" and 60" with Quattron 4 full HD color panel, 240Hz refresh rate, dual core processor for Smart TV features with built in WiFi, 3D, etc.

Sharp Aquos LE657 Series: Models LC-80LE657U, LC-70LE657U, LC-60LE657U, LC-50LE650U in 80", 70" and 60" sizes in full HD. This series does not have the Quattron screen nor do the 240Hz refresh rate but the other features like Smart TV features with built in WiFi, 3D, etc. included. These are real value for money TVs.

Sharp Aquos LE550 Series: Models LC-70LE550U, LC-60LE550U, LC-40LE550U in 70", 60" and 40" sizes in full HD. This is a TV series without the 3D and Smart TV functions but retains full HD screen.

Sharp Aquos LE450U Series: Model LC-32LE450U which is a 32 inch version of the 550 series described above.

Older Sharp TV Model Numbers.

Some of the older Sharp TV models are as follows:

2012 Sharp TV Model Numbers

Sharp Aquos LE945 Series: Models LC-70LE945U, LC-60LE945U in 70" and 60 inch sizes. These were Sharps top end models in 2012 with Quattron quad pixel technology which added a yellow color to the basic mix to make a 'RYGB' color system instead of the usual RGB. It is claimed to give much more realistic colors.

The other Sharp 2012 models were Sharp Aquos LE847U Series Models LC-70LE847U, Sharp LC-60LE847U; Sharp Aquos LE745U Series models LC-90LE745U, LC-70LE745U, LC-60LE745U; Sharp Aquos LE640U Series Models LC-70LE640U, LC-60LE640U; Sharp Aquos LE540U Series Models LC-46LE540U, Sharp LC-42LE540U; Sharp Aquos LE440U Series Modlel LC-32LE440U.

2011 Sharp TV Model Numbers

Sharp Aquos LE835 Series was the top Sharp TV in 2011 with Model Numbers LC-60LE835U, LC-52LE835U, LC-46LE835U, LC-40LE835U. The next models in Sharp TV 2011 model range was the Sharp Aquos LE735 Series model number LC-70LE735U.

Sharp TV Model Numbers of 2010

Sharp Aquos LE925 Series was the top model series in Sharps range in 2010. Sharp 2010 TV model range are as follows; Sharp Aquos LC-60LE925UN, LC-52LE925UN.

The Sharp Aquos series LE820/LE810 model numbers LC-60LE820UN, LC-60LE810UN, LC-52LE820UN, LC-52LE810UN, LC-46LE820UN, LC-46LE810UN, LC-40LE820UN, LC-40LE810UN.

Sharp Aquos LE700UN Series with model numbers LC-52LE700UN, LC-46LE700UN, LC-40LE700UN, LC-32LE700UN

Sharp Aquos LE620 Series with LC-55LE620UT, LC-46LE620UT, LC-42LE620UT

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