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Latest features of new TVs

We will discuss how good are new TV features on the latest TVs of today. Some of the newest features added to latest flat screen TVs are:

We will explain each of these new features in TVs and see how useful they are:

3D TV good or bad

Some people find the experience of 3D TV good but many people who have bought 3D TV hardly ever use it after the initial fancy wears out in a month or two. Even though movies in 3D are now available in greater numbers, people just dont take the trouble of watching movies in 3D. Broadcasts in 3D and streaming 3D games over internet are limited. Some 3D broadcasting Companies like ESPN 3D and BBC 3D are stopping or have already stopped their 3D transmissions due to limited viewership. The only 3D broadcasts still running is '3Net' which is jointly owned by Sony, Discovery Channels and IMAX Movies.

The 3D movies are becoming better in quality and also 3D TVs, so a 3D TV is a good investment, since watching 3D movies are very enjoyable.

For the manufacturers of 3D TV adding the option of 3D is cheap and so they continue to add this feature to all their TVs and then advertise that as an additional option, though now it may not be possible to buy a high end TV without the 3D feature. ........More from our page on is 3D TV good

How good is Smart TV, internet TVs explained

Smart TVs are any TV that can be connected to the internet via a WiFi connection. The Smart TVs now on sale come with inbuilt Apps like Social networking Apps Facebook and Twitter, Streaming Movie Apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Pandora, other Apps like Photo Sharing, News, Sports News and Weather Update streaming, etc. You can also watch Youtube Videos on the TV direct without the need of a computer. Online Gaming is another feature. In fact, once online, the Smart TV is capable of doing anything which a Desktop or Laptop Computer can do online.

Trying to use the smart TV features through the TV remote control and buttons on the TV are not easy. You should get a wireless keyboard with a track pad, and the Smart TV becomes very easy to operate and you can use it just like a laptop computer with the advantage of leaning back comfortably on your sofa and watching the web pages or youtube videos on a large screen. Sometimes the loading of pages on the Smart TV may be a bit slow, if the Smart TV comes with a low end processor. So make sure that the processor speed of the smart TV is adequate. You do not need very fast processors, since browsing the internet does not require high end processors. All of the latest smart TVs all incorporate processors that give good speed for internet browsing. It is only the old, first generation smart TVs that could be a bit slow browsing the net, because those first smart TVs came loaded with very slow processors.

Now a days Set-Top Box are used by many to connect to their TV. It is easy to use set-boxes or devices from, for example, Apple TV and Google Chromecast. Apple TV can play content from iTunes and from others like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, etc. on your TV. Google with their 'Chromecast' service using a USB like stick in the TVs HDMI port, can get content not only from Google Play Movies and Music but also services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, HBO Go, Pandora, YouTube, etc.

How good are curved TVs

The latest in UHD TVs are the curved TVs from LG and Samsung. The curved TVs are supposed to give you a feeling that you are watching a much larger TV than it actually is. Also the manufacturers claim that the curved shape of the curved TV focuses the light on to the viewer’s eyes and this enhances the picture quality on the TV. Curved TVs have their faults like distortion of the picture when vied from the sides. ......More from our dedicated page on Curved TVs

Is Ultra HD TV or UHD TV worth it

The latest TVs to hit the market are the Ultra HD TVs. These UHD TVs have resolutions of 3840x2160 for 4K ultra HD TV and 8K UHD TV has a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels compared to a normal HD TV resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. The Advantage of having such high resolution in an ultra HDTV is that the picture can be viewed from close distances and it will be less pixilated.

That said, at normal viewing distances the human eye cannot distinguish between a UHD TV and a normal HD TV picture. Also there are hardly any movies or other content available in Ultra HDTV format. So for the time being it is recommended to hold off purchases of the UHD TV for some more time ......More from our dedicated page on Ultra HDTV

Buying TV online

These days buying a TV on line makes more sense, because of the many advantages. You get to buy the TV without much hassle online and the courier Company delivers to your door. If you want installation, it can usually be ordered online at the time of purchase, most of the time included in the price or there may be a very small extra charge. The price of TVs online from Amazon will be cheaper than what is available in your local stores. Service and Warranty are as good as or even better than if you bought it at a local store. The best part is that in case you are not satisfied with the TV, you can return it and get full refund and Amazon will arrange for the courier to pick up the returned item from you.

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